Thank you very much for visiting our homepage of "Uoshige-Daiouden".
Sushi restaurant "Uoshige" opened in September 1970.
Thanks to all customers. we are getting bigger with renovation, now "Uoshige-Daiouden" is known by many peaple.

Japanese culture is made by the change of four seasons and has evolved.
One of the culture is Japanese food. We select fully the seasonal material, so we want to affer special taste of Japanese cuisine and relaxation place with smile.
Everyday all staffs are working hard to satisfy all customers heartily.

Lunch, Dinner and party such as anniversary ceremonies of your family, please feel free to contact us. so we can meet the various needs of customers.
We look forward to your visit.

Location that is filled with heart with smile,
this is the best relaxation place in our life.

chief   Iwasaki Shigeru

chief:Iwasaki Shigeru